Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Play 'One For the Road' returns for the Town of Books festival!

the gang before it all goes wonky!
Especially for the Town of Books Festival, 'One For The Road' returns for one night only! Catch this funny, but thought-ful, original play by Graiguenamanagh writer Adrian Kavanagh on Friday, 16 September, 8pm at the Duiske Inn. We saw it on its last run, and it is well worth going to see, we laughed out loud at some of the goings on.The actors are all local, and are quite good! I expect we will continue to see great things from all involved with the play, so go see them now so you can say ''I saw so & so before they were famous!'' 
seduction method #1
 Here's the blurb from The New Ross Standard:

 IF YOU have ever wondered what college is really like then head along to The Duiske Inn in Graiguenamanagh where a new and original play will be staged.
'One For The Road', a romantic comedy which brings to life everything college life is really about, will be staged on Friday night at 8 p.m.
Six friends have spent the year enjoying what college has to offer, however for some college is not all that it seems to be and may be tougher than they thought.
This drama has been written and is being directed by Adrian Kavanagh, a student of Humanities in Carlow and is produced by Una Dalton from Skeoghvosteen. It stars James O'Connor from Clonroche, Catriona Kilbride from The Rower, Julie Ralph from St. Mullins, Adrian Kavanagh and Megan Stacey from Graiguenamanagh, Laura Murphy and Nicola Whitty from Skeoghvosteen and Ollie Kelly Michael Walsh from New Ross.
Doors will open at 7.30 p.m., tickets cost €10, and bookings can be made by phoning 087-9439979. Parents are advised that explicit language is used throughout.
seduction method #2; which will be more successful?
Find out what college life is really like, or relive those (hazy?) memories on Friday  16 September, 8pm. Enjoy! :-)