Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Hive of Nightmares!!


The Havisham's trilogy is for children aged 9 and up, and the author Edward Crane will be giving a free talk & workshop for them on the Saturday of our festival- 14 Sept, at 4pm in the Abbey Hall. 

 Here's a bit about the first book:
''Robbie Havisham has a special gift, a gift which he must protect. When Robbie’s grandfather dies, the Havishams inherit a mysterious mansion. Soon Robbie and his sister Lucy, discover one of their grandfather’s experiments. A device designed to destroy nightmares. When Lucy tampers with the machine she sets a series of terrifying events in motion. It is then left to Robbie to use his gift, not only to confront his own darkest nightmares, but everyone else’s too.''  
 WHOA! Read it!